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Unlocking the Power of Colloidal Nanogold for a Healthier Future

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What is

Med-Colloid is a revolutionary solution consisting of ultrafine gold particles suspended in a demineralized solution. Our cutting-edge production process ensures the highest quality and purity of the Med-Colloid, providing numerous health benefits and applications.

The diameter of the particles produced by our advanced plant is approximately 4 nanometers, guaranteeing optimal absorption and assimilation in the human body.

Backed by extensive medical research, Med-Colloid has shown remarkable potential in treating various ailments and promoting overall well-being.

Our electrohydraulic-based method of production eliminates the need for expensive and environmentally harmful processes, making our colloidal nanogold both efficient and sustainable.


Efficient Flow-through

Flow-through production process ensures high throughput and low cost

Colloidal Solutions

Offers high-concentration colloidal solutions (over 10,000 ppm), thousands of times more concentrated than traditional methods

Safe and Pure

Electric charge, acid, and salt-free production, ensuring a safe and pure product

Experience flow-through production with high throughput and low cost, revolutionizing the Med-Colloid industry.

Enjoy the benefits of our high-concentration colloidal solutions, delivering unparalleled effectiveness and potency.

Embrace a production process that is free from electric charge, acid, and salt, providing you with a safe and pure product.

Overcoming the limitations of expensive and electrically charged ion-based production methods for Med-Colloid.

Enhancing the efficiency rate of Med-Colloid by providing high-concentration solutions.

Eliminating the need for powerful acids and salts used in the production of gold cyanides.

Our cutting-edge electrohydraulic-based production method sets us apart from traditional manufacturing processes, allowing us to provide high-concentration colloidal solutions with exceptional quality and efficiency.

With our flow-through production approach, we offer a cost-effective solution that revolutionizes the production of Med-Colloid.

Our commitment to sustainability and product purity ensures that you receive the safest and purest colloidal nanogold available in the market.

Key Features

Ultrafine gold particles in a suspended state, carrying a charge of the same name and found in a demineralized solution.

Diameter of particles produced is approximately 4 nanometers, ensuring optimal assimilation in the human body.

Widely recognized and utilized in medical science, with a long history of applications in pain relief, arthritis treatment, and more.

Target Market

Individuals seeking natural and alternative health solutions.

Medical professionals, including doctors and naturopaths, interested in incorporating Med-Colloid into their treatments

Health-conscious consumers looking for safe and effective ways to improve their overall well-being.